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The Ultimate Guide To Growing Your Plumbing Business In 2020

We know a lot about growing plumbing businesses. Benefit from our years of study and keep reading to learn about the best ways to grow your plumbing company.

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Marketing methods and channels for plumbers.

How do I grow my plumbing business?

Use digital marketing methods such as:

Search engine optimisation marketing for plumbers

At Jetset Digital, we have a proven search engine optimisation and Google ranking system specifically designed for the plumbing industry. Our SEO experts have extensive experience helping plumbers like you get better rankings and more qualified traffic.

Is your website ranking for plumbing keywords local areas where you service? If not, you are missing out on a large section of willing customers ready to buy from you.

With "near me" searches and the Google search algorithm knowing the location of the user – it is more important than ever to have your website show up in local SEO rankings!

We'll show you how to rank in your key locations in both Goolge search listings and the Google maps.

Also make sure you rank for all your plumbing services such as blocked drains, emergency plumbing, etc. These will require specific SEO optimised pages.

Pay per click ad marketing for plumbers

Google Ads take pride and place in the search engine's listings. More people than ever rely on and find plumbing companies with these ads.

Depending on your budget and local competition, Google ads, also known as pay per click (PPC), are a very good way to get masses of customers to your website.

And while pay per click Google ads are effective for getting customers through to websites – we understand that marketing strategies and budgets are not one-size-fits-all.

Your website and landing pages

Your business website is the most important marketing asset you have. In order to increase your plumbing leads and grow your business, you need to make sure your website is able to be: found in search results, loads quickly, is mobile-friendly and secure.

Most businesses focus on what's visually appealing to them. What you need to know is what your users are most looking for and what converts visitors into customers.

Social media marketing for plumbers

Social media has long surpassed as being a medium of keeping in touch with friends and family. Facebook, Instagram and Youtube can be a real lead generator when done right.

Social media marketing can also drive brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Email marketing

Your existing customers have already used your business, so it's a no brainer that you should keep in touch with them and get more business through them when it’s needed. Sending a regular email newsletter is a very cost effective method to ensure your company is constantly in the minds of your customers.

Video marketing

Users are consuming more video than ever before. And it's only going to grow.

You can get your plumbing business in front of potential consumers by way of advertising. You can also produce videos. Self help or info videos on plumbing topics that people are interested in is a sure fire way to get them interested in your company.

For example, you can do a video on how to unblock a drain – the user researches their issue and finds out how difficult it is. But they now knows who to call and you appear to be the expert in that field!

Directory sites

You're probably wondering if you can get leads through directory sites. The answer is not so straight forward.

Unfortunately large companies buy out the top spots and ads on those sites. So you are still just competing with them – just on another platform. The directory sites in our opinion are very highly priced. Perhaps that money could be better spent on direct advertising such as pay per click – rather than pay per month.

Also consider some directories, such as Gumtree, may attract lower price conscious customers.

Customer service and retention

Customer service should be the number 1 priority for any plumbing business. It should go without saying – but even here there are many ways to improve.

Customer reviews are a very effective way of building trust with new customers. We recommend a review building system or procedure – it may be as simple as asking for a review on job completion. Make sure it goes on your website or into an online review system.

The only way you are going to get good reviews – is by great customer service.

We recommend you talk to a plumbing marketing specialist.

Be prepared to be #1


This is where your customers hang out and spend time. Would you expect to walk into a poorly designed Apple Store? No! So why should your customers spend time on a messy and poorly constructed website?

Landing Pages

When a customer clicks on or enters your (ad/site/page) do they feel the overwhelming urge to enter their details and purchase your product or ring your phone to experience your service? If not, you're doing it all WRONG!


People listen to businesses that are in a position of power or authority. Being ranked #1 on Google search gives you that authority! You cannot settle for poor SEO. It is BUSINESS SUICIDE!

Google Ads

Top of the page. No two ways about it. If you are the first name people see when there are looking for your product or service, that will garner attention and respect from customers... IMMEDIATELY!

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Last updated: 21 Jul 2024

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