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The Risk Free System Plumbers Are Using to 10X Their Results!

We started out developing and fine tuning our marketing services for a relatively small plumbing business. And while it has taken years of development and refinement – it has grown that business into the fastest growing maintenance plumbing company.

The good news is – you won't have to wait years to perfect it – you can benefit from it right now!

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How to get loads of new customers every week


Highly Targeted Suburb Specific Customers

Any agency can send traffic to your plumbing website, but you want to be sending a flood of highly targeted customers in the areas where you want to work!


Visitors = Sales

We convert your visitors to sales by using high converting design principles + methods on your website. This has helped our clients double and even triple their leads and sales.



Turn those leads into customers through an automated system, allowing your site to perform autonomously without interruption.

Case Study

Jetset Plumbing has become Australia's fastest growing maintenance plumbing company and has dominated the South-East Queensland market since teaming up Jetset Digital.

Jetset Plumbing - SEO & PPC


Organic Traffic Increase


Page 1 SEO Rankings


PPC Conversion Rate

Jetset Plumbing had this to say ...

Plumber - Leads for plumbers

"We have been where you are, which means we know what you are going through. All that lack of trust you're feeling right now, we too have felt that and understand your pain.

We understand that all you are seeing is the bills each month, without an increase in your workload.

We know what it's like to be told excuse after excuse on why the work isn't improving.

We too, were ripped off by marketing agencies in this unregulated industry ...

Anyone can market and promote your plumbing business. So why not work with the team who has helped build the fastest growing maintenance plumbing company in Australia?

The service was outstanding! No marketing business compares to Jetset Digital. You were so professional, helpful. Way above my expectations.

My plumbing business goes from strength to strength!!"

5 Stars rating

Be prepared to be #1


This is where your customers hang out and spend time. Would you expect to walk into a poorly designed Apple Store? No! So why should your customers spend time on a messy and poorly constructed website?

Landing Pages

When a customer clicks on or enters your (ad/site/page) do they feel the overwhelming urge to enter their details and purchase your product or ring your phone to experience your service? If not, you're doing it all WRONG!


People listen to businesses that are in a position of power or authority. Being ranked #1 on Google search gives you that authority! You cannot settle for poor SEO. It is BUSINESS SUICIDE!

Google Ads

Top of the page. No two ways about it. If you are the first name people see when there are looking for your product or service, that will garner attention and respect from customers... IMMEDIATELY!

Marketing for Plumbers

We have helped plumbing businesses like yours grow and succeed. Whether you are new to generating masses of leads and customers or you have used marketing agencies and web developers in the past – we guarantee this will work for you.

We want to bring our own experiences to you and your business for helping you grow online in the plumbing market. We share online marketing strategies to help get your online business out there to your customers. This can include Wordpress Development, SEO and SEM campaigns.

You need a high octane conversion machine.

When your marketing and website peforms - you can expect to absolutely dominate your competitors.

There's simply no point in driving potential customers and existing clients to your website if it isn't hand crafted for performance.

What would it be like, to not have to worry about where your next lead or sale is going to come from? That’s what a high octane conversion machine can do.

More than just marketing – It's your foundation for success.

You know your business depends on the success of your online marketing. Turn your website into the foundation of all your marketing.

Make your website a solid foundation for success – for you and your business.

It's go time!

Jetset Digital will help you get the online marketing you and your business deserve. Let your website and our digital marketing take your plumbing business to the next level.

Jetset Digital have helped many plumbing businesses achieve and exceed their goals. Now it’s your time.

How does it work?

Like most good things – the system behind it is very simple. We all know there are 2 requirements for a successful online lead generation system for plumbers:

1) a web page that is specifically crafted to turn visitors into customers, and

2) the ability to drive low-cost bucket loads of relevant customers to that web page by being at the top of Google when people are searching for plumbers.

"I've already tried that and it didn’t work", "It sounds too simple" or "It's too expensive to be on Google".

Believe me, we have heard those a few times before! So why is this any different? We'll show you ...

What do you get?

To maximise your performance – you get all this:

A custom website

Complete with your own branding and details.

We call it a "super conversion machine" and it is specifically crafted to turn visitors into your customers.

(You can also use it to land potential customers from other marketing methods such as from Facebook, Instagram, Yellow Pages, print material, etc.)

You don't need any experience as we'll set it up and maintain it for you.
Free domain name, free hosting, free email, free SSL security for a year.

You get a free domain name (eg; that is relevant to your business. You get free fast hosting. You get free email accounts.

You also get a free SSL certificate (this ensures your website is secure).
Your own Google Ads account.

We will set up everything up including keyword research, adding campaigns, adding and writing ads and manage it all for you. You can login at anytime and see what is going on.

We can pause your campaigns at anytime (just call or message us) – just in case you get overloaded with customers.
Your own SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy.

We'll optimise your website in order to make it easy to find via search engines like Google.

A great search engine optimisation strategy will ensure your websie is getting loads of ready customers - 24x7.

Don't assume it's easy though - there are many hidden tricks that can get you ranking #1 in no time.
Your own Google Analytics report account.

Reporting is important. We will set up your own Google Analytics account so you can login at anytime to see the reports.

We connect your Google Ads account to your Google Analytics account so you can see everything in one spot.
Your own Senior Account Manager.

We are here to help you – so if you have any questions or need anything – we're always here to help!

We continually monitor and adjust your Google Ads account and website to maximise your exposure.

Ultimately, it means is you get all the necessary tools (without the headache of setup and management) to get a flood of leads and customers for your plumbing business!


Do I need to learn anything?
No. We setup and manage everything for you.

How much does it cost?
Cost is dependent on the region you are potentially acquiring plus the competition in that region. For a free quote – please contact us.

Can I see how you have set up the Google Ads?
Yes. You have access to login and review the Google Ad account including performance, keywords, ads.

How much do Google Ads cost?
It’s dependent on a large number of factors. Too many to go into here. Some typical factors include competition, keywords, ads, locale, the time the ads are running, etc.

How will I be billed for the Google Ads cost?
Unlike a lot of agencies, you will be billed directly by Google. That way you know exactly how much the ads are costing and there are no hidden costs.

What is the minimum contract term?
There are no minimum monthly contract. You can cancel anytime.

How many customers will I get?
This is dependent on a number of factors relating to the Google Ads. Each lead you get should be managed quickly and professionally to achieve maximum results.

How do the customers contact me?
Your customers will call you directly on your nominated telephone number and via email straight to your current email inbox.

Is this available in my location / region?
There is a strict limit on the number of partners we accept in any one region or location. Contact us to see if your region/s are available.

Do I need to set anything up?
No. We setup and manage everything for you leaving you to focus on running your business.

Can I edit my website?
Yes, you can. However we reserve the right not to allow edits to help with maximising results. You will also need some minimal web design experience.

Can I edit my Google Ads?
Yes, you can. But we reserve the right not to allow edits to maximise results. You will need extensive Google Ads management experience.

Can I see any reporting?
Yes. You can see reporting from your Google Analytics and Google Ads dashboards.

How do I cancel my account?
If you want to cancel your service for any reason, just contact your account manager. We do limit the number of partners in each area, so please understand that if you choose to cancel your account we will not be able to guarantee a spot should you wish to return.

Will this work for me and any other plumbing business?
Yes. However you still need to be able to deliver your services to all the new customers. This is very much for the plumbing business that wants to take it to the next level.

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Last updated: 21 Jul 2024

How can we help?

We understand running a business can be hard.

We love answering your questions.

The best SEO for Melbourne plumbers comes from the process of creating a website with specific content and code that ranks your website highly on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Your plumbing website must be a) coded in a way that search engines can find and crawl it properly, b) compelling website content, that is not only search engine friendly but easy to read for your users, c) your website needs to be secure, fast, and mobile friendly.
Long-tail keywords are typically phrases that users search for when looking for a specific plumbing service.

Although long-tail keywords they may not have as high of a volume as shorter keywords (eg; plumber near me) - they can be easier to rank for and usually convert at a much higher rate.

This is a list of most popular keywords a typical plumbing website should rank for: plumber, plumbing, electric water heater, hot water system repair, toilet repair, gas water heater, plumbing services, blocked drains, drain cleaning, leak detection, hot water system installation, emergency plumber, clogged drain, leaky taps, emergency plumbing.
Depending on the local search competition, it can take a few months. However positive results can be seen within 45 days. Larger websites with more keywords can take longer than a smaller website and fewer keywords.
There are many steps to rank highly in Google. These are the main 5 steps to get you started:

1. Find the keywords that will drive relevant traffic and business.
2. Optimise those keywords using on-page and off-page techniques.
3. Get citations and build quality inbound links.
4. Get reviews.
5. Track your results and make updates.

When SEO works - it can be life changing for you and your business. Committing to building a solid local SEO campaign can be one of the best investments you can make for your Melbourne plumbing business.