About Us

GREETINGS, Fed Up Business Owner,

We are Jetset Digital, a business growing, profit building, online digital marketing company.

Let us give you the elevator pitch about our story as we know you don’t have all day!

Jetset Digital is the result of patience running out.

For years, Jetset Plumbing, a maintenance, service based, plumbing company in Brisbane and the Gold Coast was in desperate need of leads. Desperate need of sales and in desperate need of a digital marketing team that could flood their business with calls and customers.

The only problem? Digital marketers promising the world but delivering garbage - on a silver platter.

No matter the company, the story was the same. Digital marketers, one after the other claiming they could get results, but what followed was nothing short of pathetic.

Therefore, Jetset Digital was founded to help provide oxygen in the form of customers to Jetset Plumbing. To provide light, to a business that was swimming in a seas of competitors.

We took our operation IN HOUSE!

So began the long and tedious studies of researching how and why people behave the way they do online.

Time passed and Jetset Plumbing began to grow. Their domination of online search results started to seperate them from their competition and people started to notice.

As Jetset Plumbing grew, so did Jetset Digital.

The further success we had in providing traffic, sales and leads for Jetset Plumbing, the more we realised that the online digital marketing space desperately needed a company that would provide unbelievable service to go along with unbelievable results.

And, to call a spade a spade, an agency that would cut through all the crap.

Fast forward to today, Jetset Plumbing donates and gives away millions of dollars a year in charitable contributions and gifts.

It is about time us here at Jetset Digital shared our services and trade secrets.

We want to work with business owners that are serious about changing their fortunes.

Jetset Digital want to help entrepreneurs that are serious about creating a strong and profitable business through honesty, hard work, problem solving as well as an insatiable desire to be number 1.

How can we help?

We understand running a business can be hard.

We love answering your questions.