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We Don't Believe in Lock In Contracts!

We Don't Believe in Lock In Contracts

More than Marketing ...
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Marketing is all about values.

- Steve Jobs

Jetset Digital is a Value-First company. Value isn't just about getting more in return than what was initially given.

Values are a set of standards that are met and are never compromised under ANY circumstance.

Jetset Digital create that value through building relationships with our partners that position them to have freedom and control of their future.

We never over promise - and never under deliver.

New ideas cannot come from old thinking

Leaders and authorities in industry do not get to that position through doing the same thing as what has been done in the past. Constant improvement and development is required to continually push industries forward.

At Jetset Digital, we study what our peers are doing and look to do things better and differently.

Anyone can compete with their competition, we look to dominate the competition - through innovation.

Stand out from the crowd

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Where's the best place to hide a dead body?

On page 2 of Google! Because no one is going to find it.

Statistics show that 75% of people do not scroll past the first page on Google search results to find what they are looking for.

THAT IS HUGE! If 3 out of every 4 people stay exclusively on page 1 of Google for their searches, imagine the amount of business you are missing and the opportunities lost!


Be prepared to be #1


This is where your customers hang out and spend time. Would you expect to walk into a poorly designed Apple Store? No! So why should your customers spend time on a messy and poorly constructed website?

Landing Pages

When a customer clicks on or enters your (ad/site/page) do they feel the overwhelming urge to enter their details and purchase your product or ring your phone to experience your service? If not, you're doing it all WRONG!


People listen to businesses that are in a position of power or authority. Being ranked #1 on Google search gives you that authority! You cannot settle for poor SEO. It is BUSINESS SUICIDE!

Google Ads

Top of the page. No two ways about it. If you are the first name people see when there are looking for your product or service, that will garner attention and respect from customers... IMMEDIATELY!


You have exceeded all of my expectations.


Your service is excellent! no one else compares.

Alexandra Teixeira

We increased profits in 3 months by 41%!

Daniel Golin

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What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

Simply put, a digital marketing agency is a specific type of agency that specialises in marketing services through an online digital channel.

A digital marketing agency is a business that provides promotional efforts via digital media channels - such as Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click and Social media to drive more customers and leads to your business.

There are varying methods to do this such as by enhancing website visitor channels through a varying number of strategies based on budgets and industry specific situations.

What are Jetset Digital's main services?

Jetset Digital offers a range of digital marketing services and can easily tailor strategies and channels depending on your requirements and the needs of your industry.

The main online marketing areas Jetset Digital works in are:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Getting ranked in search engines via a host of on-page and off-page aspects as well as various technical devices. The goal of SEO is to have you ranked on the front page for your best converting, industry specific keywords.
  • Google Adwords - Pay Per Click (PPC) : The absolute most powerful advertising tool in the world, Google ads are designed to get results quick and with proper optimisation, they can lead to some incredibly valuable leads and sales.
  • High Converting Website Design: Website design is as vital a channel as any other online marketing service. If your website is not converting the traffic it receives, there is no point in paying money to increase the traffic flow. Service-based and sales-focused websites must first be built with conversions in mind.
  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, etc): Social media is with out a doubt a top performing channel within the digital industry. Social media ads can explode your sales and bring unparalleled brand awareness along with it. The target audience has a completely different focus and can used for online shopping, social ads can target and home in on your customer base.

Ideally, you will want to pursue a multi-channel approach to your digital marketing strategies.

Combine SEO with PPC and Social Marketing. This will not only increase your visibility across a range of channels, but ensure you are hitting all your target markets. Each digital marketing channel has its own strengths, advantages and weaknesses.

Doing SEO can also help your Google Ads. As Google Ads and Search Engine Optimisation can often simultaneously be targeting the same page for certain keywords. Google Adwords and SEO strategies that share keywords and correctly optimising pages, will generally increase your Google Ad rank and produce a better ad Quality Score and better results through AdWords.

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